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To View a list of the Professional Artist Winners, click here. To view the list of Professional Artist Winners, click here. The great cathedrals...

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As obvious symbols of commerce and transport, the Three Rivers Arts Festival's new exhibition spaces -- 10 portable shipping containers still bearing the Yang Ming Marine Transport logo -- may not initially shout "Art inside!

Top professionals form the international juries in the Competition and teach our Academy programme at the Vienna University of Music. Leave a Comment Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment. As a Labour spokeswoman told the Observer last Sunday: Every musician of course receives a certificate after completing the workshops. Above all, we want students fall in love with making music together, deepen their knowledge of the range and depth of music, and inspire their curiosity for lifelong learning.

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Its A Cum Festival

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Whitmore, joined 34 other ensembles from around the world for the festival, held July 7—12, and shares the first place award with the Osaka High School Symphonic Band of Japan.

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