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A Thai lip-balm commercial has lips smacking all across the internet for its adorable twist, and you're gonna want to watch until the end. What starts...

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H311oify: C'est malaisant les mecs de 1ans qui essayent de parler anglais

BlueJayRobin: The dark side . hahaha that girl is hilarious

Taylor Cattes: She blames Germany for everything.

Bake Semsk: I couldn't find any video related to Persians

TeddyBear: Who does a sexy language video without Italian and French ?

Stacy T: I think we also need video like this You Know You are Dating a DANISH MAN When. :D

Rleite92: Steve looking fine

Chillaf: I call that racism. i have to pay always. i have to pay for all girls. i have to. i have to. for what? do you wanna want rights? so pay like i do.

Tarun Sisodia: Ahre donde esta argentina

Cole Whisnant: She wants to wear the pants.

Ivan Jimenez: Am I Italian? I'm Russian. I must have some Italian ancestors lol

Lol Gogo: In Russia don't say Na zdarovie it is from movie from 90's years (movie with Dolf Lundgren?). We sometimes may says Za zdorovie it short from Za vashe zdorovie/Vashe zdorovie (For your health).

Madara Uchiha: Women don't understand themselves, don't trust them. They said one thing but it means another thing.

Get Jinxed: I don't agree with the first part of the video. Portuguese Guys are not in general clingy, jealous and controling. Or stupid nice and sweet. They can be as much as anyone else . is not a behavior pattern in portugal.

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She concludes, "Family is what you make it out to be. The deputy governor of Bangkok, Thaweesak Lertprapan, told Thai media that the trend in BL stories had made it more "fashionable" to be gay, and linked it to a rise in HIV transmissions.

In choosing to represent diversity, you are gaining a huge new market share of customers. Despite the unfounded claims, the commercial is a hit with many commenting they want a full series created just based on these characters.

At a time when every other demographic is practically shoehorned.

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Fabio Castro: The Russian guy is so handsome. The way he chews the gum

Kim Kai: I thought AMERICAN METRIC SYSTEM is used only in US MYANMAR. eg : pounds, miles, gallons.

Johnny Kapoor: No im not

Michael Bruce: The irish got me like URGH FUCK

Sam Hanson: I don't think I'm Brazilian I hate soccer,I have never been kissed and I am very sloppy

Hannalor333: Oh my word, it sounds like an awful experience.

Elyas Hamiche: There are many religions. Cricket is one of them. :))

KingTiger213: Love Argentinean accent

Eliezer Cross: Girl to girl just hi hello

RandomPhantom: Slavic people are so so sexy.

Kreigh D: So asian-americans are like white canadians?

Ocko Ho: Next dating an Icelandic woman



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Selling quality products has nothing to do with a person's sexual orientation. The ad, which is viewer-restricted on YouTube, shows a soldier calling a man and saying, "it's me. The deputy governor of Bangkok, Thaweesak Lertprapan, told Thai media that the trend in BL stories had made it more "fashionable" to be gay, and linked it to a rise in HIV transmissions.

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