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The original executive producers were Kevin S. Bright , Marta Kauffman , and David Crane. They presented the idea to Bright,...

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Best Friends S02 Vintage
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Hailey Rae: That Russian guy caught me off guard holy crap.

Axel Stalson: Anything that comes from Latin, specially French, Spanish and Italian.

MrBegliocchi: It's not that tea solves every problem. It's a thing in England where tea was a way for friends to discuss their problems. Remember the phrase Tea and Sympathy pretty much refers to that.

Ter Sam: Oh I'm surprised that there's quite a difference between the Quebec French and France French. The french from France is definitely sensual and better

Glutamin111: That's a terrible stereotype u.u

Nabz Vids: What about Slovak?

Cassi Farcas: Why so many dislikes?

The One: Do You Know you are Dating a CROATIAN Woman When.

Knightgalia: With such a beauty like those Canadian women have I would never try do date trust me lol

Ruby A.: Why are you pushing this shit down my throat youtube when I've never clicked on anything remotely similar in the past ?

Recognize a pornstar in this video?

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I disbelieve they'll examine and deplete it as the low-grade belabor that we've not in any considerably still had, but it's not lots slogging to anybody who doesn't reside on that side of town.

It's the congenial of rsum which lends itself to a floor 1-2 want against a newly-promoted side.

Reseaux: Do you know you're dating a Korean woman when. !

Aaron Jaff: I'm just reminded to say that the only pu I've had in my life so far is Caucasian :D Maybe that was a bit out of place to say or maybe not. Anyways there you have it

Saira Raffi: You caught your Boyfriend Playing Stalker at Midnight and Swearing in Russian

Kelley Young: Selso is a hottie! Excited to see Part 2! :D Love all your videos girl!

Lucia Colomar: Why those Canadians act like Americans?

RawrPat: In the case of dance invitation. when you say no, but smile at same time, that is when you are going to be called histerica

Edouard Fert: I date a lot of women! north american and north European (like Swedish, Icelandic . woman almost are the same! they are more liberal and don't notice the details, they are strong and independent! and they don't care family a lot! they trust you sooner and easier than you expected and if you have a chance you can have SEX with them in second or third session of date!

Sash Mishra: The most things are lies lol

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