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Does someone considering dating me have a right to know?

Alexander Jaron Erotic Solo

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Virgo Symbol: He is a white knight and a simp

MDK MKK: I'm from Israel and I've never seen a girl with a nose so big

S1rpete R: Now that i think about it. In all my dates, I was the one who paid for everything. And im Brazilian, so i dont know. its just something i always did.

Antonina: Totally. Russian girls, please hit me up!

Laura Camacho: I didn't recognize Brazilian portuguese

Viberoni: I'm from Romania and this got me shocked xD

Tom Christie: I am straight but i would definetly date with an irish woman. they look so sweet and fun.

Phenomena17: This is so accurate haha

Julissaklm: This advice came a bit too late for me, and the dating a Mexican woman video came late for my ex. The cultures have lots of differences that I was not prepared to deal with. We broke up loving each other but we just couldn't handle it.

Ohmytin: I have been dating my boyfriend who is Russian for over a year now and I can vouch for this video 1%. Its funny how accurate it is especially about how they like men being manly and women being feminine. As long as he keeps complimenting my cooking, I'll keep his belly full 3


Andreipl09: Oh gosh! your channel needs more subscribers

Adam Smith: Me: You know hat else she forgot to feature?

Haianh Nguyen: You know when you're in a israeli house when you hear people outside scream SQUATTERS.

J&J GAMING: I really need a Italian man, very soon!

Columbojoe666: The flaming asian guy killed me hahahaha : so funny xD pirvet loool

Neptune: Peru? Close. Spain. holy fucking shit. really?

Kejdi Jani: Quebec is way sexier

Llxllun: Meu cachorro pediu o telefone do 1

Gurta2018: Alot of them are true for the one dating Indian man and this one. Exaggeration cab also be fun :)

Soccer_ 180: If I ask a guy for a date I pay. In case he asks he pays. Simple politeness. Oh, yeah, I'm Russian.

Alice99 Manga: Try dating northeast indian. :)

Patrick Gomes: I have absolutely no respect for cheaters and liars.

Mel Roselyn: Jeez what a catch

Dico702: French sounds like a romance whatever you're saying

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  1. Apparently it is more likely for a woman to be bisexual, and I assume that men are a lot less open about it.

  2. So. what you're saying is that instead of Slut Shaming, we should practice Slut Glamourizing?

  3. I tried to sext this guy, and I came up with all these scenarios and things, and all he wrote was ooh and aah .

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