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Gaybros is a network built for gay men who aren't confined to a media stereotype. We come together around shared interests like sports, technology, and...

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Bluelight B: That's true in most cases!

Jenna Mcman: Does anyone know the song that the guy speaking in Chinese was singing?

Dick Varga: I'm not going to say what I'm most attracted to in a woman because women say us men are attracted to strange things.

Koyuki-Haku: You should do french women!

Elly Gerberlu: One word for that italian man . : stereotypes

Angel Foy: Do dating a persian girl!

The quality of the stories varies widely, however, and The Best of Nifty list was set up as a readers' guide pointing to some of the best stories posted at Nifty. It has since been expanded to include other sites where excellent stories can be found. We hope this list adds to your enjoyment of reading on the Web. Click HERE for information! Switch to Short Story View. Switch to Novel View. The Best of Nifty and the Net - A Special Place Trilogy.

All American Rent Boys. The Angel of Pie Jesu. Back To The Playground. Basketball Jock and Prof.

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  • Gay male erotica stories involving college, universities and fraternities.
  • And Scott round looks well-founded in green.

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Two Men in a Pickup. I remember the "first-time" stories were the best. It's going pop soon, I promise. This is the first time I've said anything about the story on gaybros. I'll probably re-read the whole thing from start to the new chapters. Lets share our good findings in nifty. If you like scifi: High Point dating

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Being Gay In College - Guaranteed Gay Sex

That story was my single most fap one back those days. There's also a REALLY great story called Puppy Love , but it's been taken down because the author actually went on to become an honest-to-god published author! Gaybros is a network built for gay men who aren't confined to a media stereotype.

I hated to see it end. Overall though, pretty damn hot. Henry in High Politics.

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51K, Sep 12 , college-ball 46K, Sep 1 , college-ball 24K, Aug. Size, Date, Filename. 11K, Apr 14 , cruising-college 8K, Oct 30 Gay male erotic stories: adult-friends, college, encounters, authoritarian, incest, celebrity, athletic,...