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Bam Whip: So true lol

Ruby A.: Can you do a video about dating a Saudi man? And also, dating a Cuban man.

John Belt: I was really shocked in a good way to see ukrainian guy in this

Little Weaboo: Look if you meet a spaniard and he isn't late than he's definitely a portuguese

DankTech: The brunette girl is so dumb that the government should sterilize her whole town via drinking water.


Nakaza 94: Eso dominicanoooo he's so sexy wtf

Starick Gamer: This is SO true. We are like that, specially the walking on the side of the road thing. The superstition many of us just make it as a joke, though. But yeah. This is us.

Asma Farooqi: Basically me HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH btw i'm from Barcelona too!

Fungineering: I love all of these

Reza Yamin: I hate smoke-ahahahhaha

Marla Pebbles: I think the MAJORITY of guys like girls who are slim (size Aus 6-10), white caucasian (especially ones with light eyes or that look European/Anglo), young (30 and younger), and a pretty or pretty-ish face. I speak from experience. loads and loads of evidence that I've seen. It seems obvious but this is the physical defitinition of attractive for a woman.

Mirmo 17: The first one is so true. I told my mum about my boyfriend and next thing my aunt from New York called to ask me when is the wedding?

Irsyad Bajre: Question n answers by the Italian lady.pretty much like Indian women.

Hunter Dollar: Now the other way around what is like to date an Italian oumo

Hazka58: Those superstitious is exactly typical Russian thing! So funny!))))))And kissing too!

Andy Darko: Stereotypes. Many genres of comedy are based on that, though. I am sure other nations are treated the same way by this channel but I don't like it.

Karin Uzumaki: Arepas are the best

HadesObsidian: Russian girl is beautiful

Duggie Bader: I stopped whatching after you're supposed to get drunk on the first date otherwise we won't talk. Yes, I only whatched the beginning and that was way enough for me.

PJ Clarke: Hey! what about dating Mexican men? please! : lovely videos. blessings from Colombia

Angelina Diaz: Madre mia como se nota que son valencianos jajaja

BD14Cameron: Is it just me but some of the girls who read it looked so photoshopped in the vid

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