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Dark AMV'S: What's great about this video is because it shows a crucial thing about Mexicans.

Emanandchill: Theres no isreal woman , isreal got no history, dislike bitchs

Lizzie Vk: Sexy Time 5/10

Sandy Fanstv: When she 38

Alexa Ramos: Happy Fatherland's day to all the Russian men.

Sara Olsson: You guys definitely got the cricket part right. stupid cricket.

Virgo Symbol: Now that's what I call Content and not Propaganda. Great work Team! :)

Leah C. Drawn: I'm English and every single one of these are true!

Santi Moyano: The money or the man

Ben Garrison: When he started with Pillowtalk, I was so happy!

The Fighter: That guy in the plaid sounded so hot definitely Scottish is a win for me.

Renaud Perron: Arabs would literally fight over who pays the bills.its a never ending cycle of wanting to pay

C Bagby: Aya sagr test D

Juleks 72: Who is the girl with the white top? Idk why but, she is so much more attractive to me than any of the other girls :P ^ (sorry, I know. kind of a stereotypical guy response to such a video. haha)

Mixed signals from bf after near break up?

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Plica06: I'd say splitting the bill is more important than making a good impression. Free loaders be gone.

Foodie Taylor: Is it true that 64 of Russian men are actually are born gay?

Emma Camilla: Lol, you must have had so much fun dressing up for this video. Whether simple or elegant, all of them were adorably feminine. I'm glad your sponsor found you.

Finback2005: Try to pick the least ssxy accent! Like German or Dutch.

Alxxpspqr: Beautiful Russian girl so femenine and sweet girly accent and looks, the Australian was definitely very hot accent but its unfair since the text is in English so maybe all native English speaking nationalities should be banned from the test

Katie Waity: Love it! Always amazing videos!

Nitansha A: Korean! Korean is definitely my favourite language!

Scotty Abdou: I dated a brazilian from as hell but that jealousy thing is for real and the complaining thing.Did'nt bother me because i eventually got used to hearts tho.

Dinner at at chinese restaurant recommended sooner than yelp (not smashing but satifactory for the treatment of us) and suddenly to bed.

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  1. We're both also moving out of state next summer, (he to California, me to Colorado).

  2. I think toxic femininity can also include the huge societal expectation for women to be extremely attractive, thin, focused only on their looks, etc.

  3. That's why I'm not a feminist or a masculinist, because I'm not a sexist who values the lives of one gender over another.

  4. I prefer the shaved look because it tastes better. I don't want to floss with pubes.

  5. Those green scenes, MUCH TURN ON LACI! <3 thanks for this, spread a consent culture !

  6. Nah, I use cunt all the time as a joke, i.e. calling someone a silly cunt or whatever.

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